Fifth Grade News- December 2019

What We're Learning

Reading: This month we will continue to study journalism to learn about informational texts. We will think about how to identify the facts and disregard the author’s opinions. We will then have the chance to report our own news stories.

Math: This month we will focus on the operations of multiplication and division. We will continue using the relationship between multiplication and division to efficiently solve division problems with 4-digit dividends and 2-digit divisors.

Writing & Social Studies: This month we will continue the study of Ancient Peoples by doing research with informational texts. We will write an informational essay about Ancient Peoples and create an artifact for a living museum.

Important Dates

Friday, December 13th:

Parent Association International Family Potluck Dinner 6:00 pm

Thursday, December 19th:

Celebration of Learning 8:30am

Friday, December 20th:

Fancy Dress Day

Monday, December 23rd- Wednesday, January 1st:

Winter Recess (Schools Closed)

Math Tip


What is a museum curator?

A museum curator manages collections of works of art and artifacts. They take care and display of items, such as artwork, collections, historical or scientific items, as well as getting new works of art, usually with the aim of educating the public. They provide information and design displays for the benefit of visitors.


  • Please support your child at home by practicing the time tables as much as possible so that your child can be prepared for our multiplication and division unit. 

  • Please practice the 5th-grade song for our celebration of learning.