Fifth Grade News- February 2020

What We're Learning

Reading & Writing: This month we will continue participating in Fantasy Book Clubs. We have become immersed in the fantasy genre by reading Harry Potter aloud as a class and other books within the genre. We are learning how to develop characters and themes throughout our own writing. Our main characters are going on quests and teaching us more serious and mature themes within our own writing.

Math: This month we will focus on multiplying and dividing rational numbers. We will use contexts and representations (fraction bars, arrays, and grids) to solve problems involving multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. We will also apply their understandings of multiplication and division to solve measurement conversion problems.

Social Studies: This month we will continue to explore the context of Westward Expansion and how today’s America formed. We will also be studying computer science in order to be able to show others what we now know about Westward Expansion and the hidden voices of Native Americans.

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 4th: 

Field trip to Queens College Kupferberg Theater

Wednesday, February 5th:

World Read-Aloud Day - Pajama Day

Friday, February 7th:

Parent Association Meeting, Family Literacy Night & Book Fair

Saturday, February 8th:

Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, February 14th:

100th Day of School

Monday, February 17th– Friday, February 21st: 

Midwinter Recess (Schools Closed)

Math Tip

When multiplying fractions by a whole number:

1: Make the whole number into a fraction (ex: 5/1).

2: Multiply

3: Simplify the


Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States is destined to expand and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent. The idea was used to justify the forced removal of Native Americans from their homes.


Below are the dates for Saturday Academy. Please be sure to be on time if you are attending Saturday Academy.

01/25, 02/01, 02/08, 02/29, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21, 03/28,