First Grade News: April 2017

What We are Learning!

  • How can we use Place Value to help count efficiently?
Social Studies:
  • Why do people need homes? 
  • What kinds of homes do people live in? 
  • Why are homes built differently?  
  • How are non-fiction texts different from fiction? How are they the same?
  • Why do we read  nonfiction texts?
  • What can we learn from nonfiction texts?
  • Why do animals need homes? 
  • What kinds of homes do animals live in? 
  • Why are animal homes different? 

Important Dates

4/6: Field Trip to Queens Botanical Gardens

4/10-4/18: Spring Break (No School)

4/27: Parent Association Meeting

4/28: Field Trip (Queens Zoo)

Home Connection

Please DO NOT send toys to school. Keep them at home to help us stay focused at school.

Books We Are Reading

  • The Napping House 
  • My Home, Your Home 
  • Animal Homes 
  • Terrific Tree Houses 
  • Ants
  • How to Build a House 
  • A House for Hermit Crab
  • How a House is Built

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