First Grade News: December 2018

A Peek At What We Are Learning

Reading: Using pictures & story elements to re-read, retell and act out familiar stories. We discuss characters, setting, sequence of events, as well as problem and solution. 

Early Independent Reading: Reading simple patterned books.

Social Studies: The people and places of the Children’s Lab School: Who works at our school? Interviewing and writing about important school workers.  How are we good citizens to our school community?

Writing: Labeling pictures using beginning letter sounds, using sight words, “stretching” out words with invented spelling, and writing to communicate about things we learn at school.

Math: Comparing quantities and amounts. Accurately counting a set of objects (1-15). Counting to 50 and beyond.

Phonics: letter sounds, digraph sounds and uppercase and lowercase letter handwriting.

Important Dates

  • International Dinner Friday, December 7, 6:00-8:00
  • Winter Celebration of Learning Wednesday, December 19, 8:30-10:30
  • Winter Recess (NO SCHOOL) December 24-January 1, 2019
  • Classes Resume January 2, 2019

Home Connection

  • Kindly check and empty your child’s folder EVERY day or papers will be recycled at school.
  • Practice putting on and zipping up coats INDEPENDENTLY.
  • Dress your child for COLD weather.  We go outside for recess and playground every day.
  • Keep jewelry, distracting headbands, light-up shoes and toys at home.
  • Keep water bottles at home.
  • Help your child by building homework and bedtime routines at home. 
  • Please take advantage of  Accessible by computer, phone or tablet
    • K-207: User: Mramos50
    • K-208: User: dhickey7
    • K-209: User: afotieo0
    • Password for all: Cat icon

To Contact Us By Email

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