First Grade News: November 2017

A Peek At What We Are Learning

  • Exploring attributes of various shapes
  • Building new shapes with existing shapes
  • Author Study on Leo Lionni
  • Story elements
  • Retelling
  • Writing narrative stories
Social Studies
  • Learning about our government with a focus on voting and making our voices heard
  • Exploring the world around us by investigating the weather and air.

Important Dates

  • 11/2 1-305 Trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • 11/7 Election Day-school closed
  • 11/8 1-304 Trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • 11/9 1-203 Trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • 11/15 Picture Day
  • 11/16 Half Day: Dismissal at 11:30
  • 11/16 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11/23 & 11/24 Thanksgiving Holiday- school closed

Home Connection

  • Razkids: Razkids is a website available to you at home, providing hundreds of leveled books for your child to read.
  • Lexia: Lexia is an interactive online resource that your child can use to build their literacy skills at home. If you are unsure how to access these resources, ask your child’s teacher for their log in information.
  • Titles we’re reading in school: Alexander and the Wind up Mouse, Cornelius, Frederick, Little Blue and Little Yellow, A Color of His Own

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