Fourth Grade News: October 2018

Important Dates

Schools are closed 
Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day

5:15pm Parent Association Meeting
5:45pm Family Fun Night - Music & Theater!

Parent Association’s Halloween Parade 2:30-3:30


  • The school day starts promptly at 8:10 a.m. Please ensure that your child is in the cafeteria no later than 8:09 a.m. 

Home Connection

  • Homework folders: Please check homework folders daily for important forms to complete and return. 
  • Homework packet will be given every Monday and will be due the following Monday. Please make sure your child brings all library books/notebooks used for homework back to school each day.

What We are Learning! 

  • Students will develop an understanding of multiplication and division through work with equal sized groups, arrays, and area models.
  • Students will learn about collecting, representing, analyzing, and comparing data (information). 
  • Students will learn how to understand characters in their books by thinking about character actions, thoughts, feelings, motivations and words.
  • Students will learn about and read different biographies with a focus on artists.
  • Students will learn about the realistic fiction genre and write realistic fiction short stories by including action, dialogue, problems, solutions, and description.
Social Studies
  • Students will learn about New York State and World geography.
  • Students will understand what immigration means and why people immigrate to the United States. 
Computer Science
  • Students will start a new unit on computer science and learn how to give directions to a computer and create code.
  • Students are learning about energy conversion.