Kindergarten News: June 2019

Learning Focus

  • Ezra Jack Keats author study. Looking at dialogue, sound words and collage to help inspire our own writing.
  • Telling a story across pages using the words first, next and last.
    • Beginning blends (in example, bl–, cl–, fl–, gl–, pl–, sl-, br–, cr–, dr–, fr, etc.) and silent e. 
    • Addition and subtraction story problems, 2-D and 3-D shapes.

    Social Studies: 
    • Families & Bread from around the World and American Symbols 


    • Please make sure your child arrives at school no later than 8:05 a.m. to ensure they can walk upstairs with their class and get started on the right foot each morning.
    • Please keep all toys at home, this includes keychains on backpacks. We have plenty of educational toys at school and personal toys are causing distractions in class. Thank you.

    Family Connection

    • Getting Ready For Summer: As the school year comes to a close, please help us keep students on track with their academics. Throughout June please continue to help your child stay on track with homework, read everyday, ask them about what they are learning and be sure they get enough sleep and continue to eat healthy.
    • Summer: Over the summer your child should rest, relax, explore and have fun. To help them stay prepared for 1st grade here are a few suggestions for the summer: read for 15 minutes every day! Write for 10 minutes a day with a summer journal.  Use your Cool Culture Pass to visit museums around the city and keep using online resources: 


    • June 4: Eid-al Fitr —No School
    • June 6: Staff Professional Development—No School
    • June 11: Staff Clerical Day—No School
    • June 14: PA Election & Pizza/Ice cream party at 5:30
    • June 19: Spring Concert & Celebration of Learning