Kindergarten News: February 2019

Learning Focus

  • Reading simple patterned books; 
  • Reading nonfiction books: Reading to Learn
  • “Stretching” out words (sounding out words to use invented spelling); Writing simple sentences. Uppercase letters at the beginning
  • Spaces between words
  • Writing pattern books (I like… I can… We see…)
  • Reviewing all letter names and sounds
  • Digraph sounds: sh, ch, th, wh and -ck
  • Reading and writing “CVC” words (consonant-vowel-consonant)
  • e.g. cat, hop, dig, sun, bed
  • “tapping” out words to read and “stretching” out words to spell them
  • Counting up to 20 objects
  • Counting to 100
  • Early addition skills: Combining amounts, adding on 
  • Using “Ten frames”: organizing quantities, automatically recognizing amounts 1-10
  • Partners of 5 (numbers are made up of smaller numbers)
Science: Invent-a-Wheel:
  • What is movement?
  • What is a force?
  • Push v. Pull
  • Gravity
  • Friction


  • Bundle up for cold weather. Please remember to label your child’s clothing. Help them practice zipping their coats and putting on winter garments independently.
  • When the weather is too cold, or when there is snow or rain, we generally have indoor recess. 
  • Continue to practice tying shoes independently and keep light-up shoes at home.

Family Connection

  • Reading: We are celebrating our love of reading this month! As always, keep reading at home together and share your favorite books with your child.
  • Math: The 100th day of school is soon approaching on February 14th! Be on the lookout for more information about how your child’s class will be celebrating this exciting mathematical day!


  • February 5: Lunar New Year-SCHOOL CLOSED
  • February 8: Firefighters visit Kindergarten!
  • February 8: Parent Association Meeting & Scholastic Book Fair 5:15pm
  • February 9: Scholastic Book Fair 9:30am - 1:30pm
  • February 18-22: Mid-Winter Recess- SCHOOL CLOSED