Kindergarten News: November 2018

Learning Focus

  • Reading: Using pictures and story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution and sequence of events) to help reread & retell familiar stories.
  • Writing: Detailed illustrations, labels using beginning sounds of words, writing to communicate what we learn about school. 
  • Math: Measuring with nonstandard units (cubes); comparing sizes and quantities; accurately counting a set of objects (1-12).
  • Social Studies: The people and places of the Children’s Lab School: Maps/Blueprints; purposes for places in our school and jobs at our school.


  • Tuesday, November 6: Election Day - No School
  • Friday, November 9: Parent Association Meeting
  • Monday, November 12: Veteran’s Day - No School
  • Thursday, November 15: Half day for students (dismissal at 11:30) and Parent Teacher Conferences 
  • Thursday and Friday, November 22-23: Thanksgiving Break - No School


  • Please leave any jewelry and toys (including light-up sneakers) at home.
  • Kindly check and empty your child’s Take-Home folder daily.
  • School begins at 8:10am, please have your child in the cafeteria no later than 8:05am.

Home Connection

  • Continue reading to your child at home.  Be sure to ask questions about: the characters, setting, sequence of events, as well as problem and solution. 
  • LEXIA is an online resource that your child can use to build their literacy skills.  If you are unsure on how to login, ask your child’s teacher for more information. 
  • Please take advantage of this great resource! KidsA-Z has so many great leveled books that children can read on their own. You can access it from a computer, phone or tablet and there is an individualized login for each child
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