Kindergarten News: February 2020

Learning Focus

Reading: Reading simple pattern books; finding sight words; using the pictures and first and last letter to figure out a word; noticing where the word pattern repeats and where it changes

Writing: “Stretching” out words (sounding out words to use invented spelling); writing simple sentences; using an uppercase letter at the beginning of sentences, spaces between words and end punctuation.

Phonics: Digraph sounds: sh, ch, th, wh and –ck; reading and writing “CVC” words (consonant-vowel-consonant) e.g. pet, dig, lip, mat, map

Math: Counting and comparing numbers; one more and one less; exploring addition problems; combinations of 5.

Handwriting: Upper and lower case letters; using the lines to help us write so that others can read our work; only using capital letters at the beginning of our sentences and never in the middle of a sentence. Please reinforce at home.

Science: Living vs non-living things and how living things help other living things in our world


-When practicing writing at home, be sure to check that your child is using the lines to form ALL their letters properly.  Remind them to slow down as they write and think about where the letters begin (i.e. plane line or skyline) and end (grass line or worm line).

-Bundle up for cold weather! Please remember to label your child’s clothing and accessories. Help your child by practicing zipping their coats and putting on winter garments independently.

-For Valentine’s Day, please DO NOT send in any treats or Valentine's notes.  They will NOT be distributed and will be returned home to families.

Family Connection


  • We are celebrating our love of reading this month! As always keep reading at home together and share your favorite books with your child.


  • The 100th day of school is soon approaching on February 14th! Be on the lookout for more information about how your child’s class will be celebrating this exciting day!

Lexia and Razkids:

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February 3: School Spirit Month Begins

Please wear your uniform everyday!

February 5: World Read Aloud & Pajama Day

February 7 at 6pm: Parent Association Meeting & Literacy Workshop; Scholastic Book Fair to follow

February 14: 100th Day of School

February 17-21: Midwinter Recess: No School