Second Grade News: April 2018

2nd Grade Curriculum

ReadingWe are using our 2nd grade reading skills to compare and contrast books in our current reading unit. We are starting by reading different versions of fairy tales to compare and contrast the characters, setting, plot, and lesson in the story. 

WritingWe are writing opinion pieces to share how we feel about different books, restaurants, stores, and even school field trips! We can’t wait to tell you what we’re thinking.

MathWe are using our understanding of numbers to learn more about place value. We are using this to help us add and subtract numbers all the way to 1,000!

Social StudiesWe are learning about different neighborhoods in New York City. Each area has its own attractions, culture, food, languages, and people. We can’t wait to learn to compare and contrast these areas.

Teachers Tips 

  • Talk about things that your child likes and dislikes. Encourage them to share their opinion using words like: Agree, Disagree, Like, Dislike, Favorite, Amazing, Awesome, Fabulous
  • Count with your child by 10’s up to 1,000. You can also start at another number (like 9, 19, 29, 39…)

    Important Dates

    • Monday, April 9th: Return from Spring Break
    • Saturday, April 14th: Family & Community Health Fair
    • Tuesday, April 17th: 2nd Grade Field Trip to NYC Neighborhoods
    • Thursday, April 19th: Parent Association & Family Movie Night 6pm


    • Compare
    • Contrast
    • Similar
    • Different
    • Agree
    • Disagree
    • Like
    • Dislike
    • Favorite
    • Amazing
    • Awesome
    • Fabulous

    Contact Info

    408: Ms. Verde
    408: Mrs. Moskovitz
    409: Mrs. Strohm
    410: Ms. Navarro