Second Grade News: October 2018

2nd Grade Curriculum

Reading- Second graders will continue to develop themselves as readers by learning how to choose just right books based on interest, level and purpose. We will continue to engage with reading by listening to, reading, and discussing texts.

Writing- As we develop ourselves as writers, we will read books where authors write about their lives and practice that ourselves. We will learn to use the writing process, to write and present our own stories.

Math- We will be learning routines and procedures to support our hands on math learning in the classroom.

Social Studies- New York City has a diverse geography, including islands, and rivers. We are using maps as a tool that can help us both learn about geography and keep track of our learning. 

Teachers Tips 

  • Read with your child every day. 
  • Help your child by building routines at home regarding homework, bedtime, etc.
  • As you walk around the neighborhood, discuss with your child the direction you’re walking in and what important landmarks you are passing that you might see on a map.

    Important Dates

    • Monday, October 8: Columbus Day (No School)
    • Thursday, October 12th: Parent Association Meeting and Workshop at 5:15 pm
    • Thursday, October 18th: 2-303 Field Trip to the Museum of the City of NY
    • Friday, October 26th: 2-304 & 2-305 Field Trip to the Museum of the City of NY
    • Tuesday, October 31st: PA Halloween Parade after school at 2:45


    • Borough
    • Geography
    • Urban
    • Suburban
    • Rural
    • Compass
    • Narrative
    • Draft
    • Revise
    • Edit

    Contact Info

    303: Ms. Verde
    303: Mrs. Moskovitz
    304: Mrs. Strohm
    305: Ms. Navarro