Second Grade News: May 2017

2nd Grade Curriculum 

ReadingAs we continue to compare and contrast different texts, we have moved to more complex nonfiction texts. We will study important historical figures, such as Harriet Tubman, and interesting nonfiction topics, such as animal adaptations.

WritingWe are writing informational pieces, focusing on finding evidence from texts. As we read nonfiction texts we find important facts and and use those ideas as evidence in our own writing.

MathWe are delving deeper into our understanding of place value. We are also learning about different ways to present our ideas in math, including tables and arrays.

ScienceWe will be starting an intensive study of force and motion, using City College’s Fantastic Elastic Unit. We will develop concepts of energy and engineering through design, construction and testing of an elastic powered vehicle.

Social StudiesWe have begun a residency program with Arch For Kids, which will help us understand architectural and engineering principles of bridges throughout New York City with the help of experts in architecture and engineering.

Teachers Tips 

  • Read with your child every day. Celebrate the Year of the Book!
  • Ask your child all about bridges you’ve seen. We now have a new understanding of how they work.
  • Spring is a time when some routines might become difficult due to “Spring Fever.” Encourage your child to spend time outside getting that much needed exercise while also maintaining routines such as  homework and bedtime. These are crucial to ensure a happy and healthy Spring Season for all!

    Important Dates 

    May 1: 2-410 Field Trip to Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum

    May 2: 2-408 Field Trip to Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum

    May 5: 2-409 Field Trip to Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum

    May 17: Parent-Teacher Night: Celebrate the Year of the Book!

    May 25: Parent Association Meeting

    May 29: Memorial Day (schools closed)

    Contact Information 

    Ms. Greenberg
    Mrs. Strohm
    Ms. Navarro


    Bridge             Force

    Gravity            Compression

    Tension           Torsion

    Load                Crushing

    Collapsing       Dynamic 

    Force          Beam

    Column            Static