Second Grade News: December 2018

2nd Grade Curriculum

Reading- As we continue to deepen our reading comprehension by reading series books, we can start to make predictions about the stories we are reading. Characters that have consistent behaviors and character traits allow us to think about how he or she might react. 

Writing- Our own characters are starting to take shape and we have delved into understanding characters in our reading unit. We can use our ability to predict to write our own thrilling series books.

Math- We will develop our number sense by continuing to work with number stories and work to solve them using the number line. We will also start thinking about numbers in different ways, including a greater understanding of place value.

Social Studies- We will continue our exploration of New York City as our passports are filling up and we become social scientists making observations about what we see around us. 

Computer Science- We are using ScratchJr to program animations. It is a visual programming language designed to introduce coding skills to children ages 5–7. By creating projects in ScratchJr, we are learning to think creatively and reason systematically.

Teachers Tips 

  • Read with your child every day. 
  • Encourage your child to go on Lexia at home on a regular basis (
  • Another great resource for books is the Sunnyside Public Library. Please visit with your child and encourage him/her to engage in reading. 

    Important Dates

    • Friday, December 7th: Parent Association International Family Potluck Dinner at 6:00pm
    • Wednesday, December 19th: Celebration of Learning at 8:30
    • Monday, December 24th- Tuesday, January 1st: 
    • Winter Recess (No School)


    • Story Elements
    • Plot
    • Main Character
    • Character
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Character Trait
    • Prediction

    Contact Info

    303: Ms. Verde
    303: Mrs. Moskovitz
    304: Mrs. Strohm
    305: Ms. Navarro