Second Grade News: February 2018

2nd Grade Curriculum

ReadingWe are now using nonfiction texts to explore both the author’s and reader’s purpose for reading and writing. Authors are experts in a specific topic and want to share their knowledge with others. We will be having an exciting visit from a nonfiction children’s author so he can share his expertise with us. He will also explain the writing process: how he gets his ideas, drafts and organizes his writing, revises, edits, and sends it to the publisher! We can’t wait!!

Writing & Social StudiesIn writing, we will be practicing what we are learning and writing our own nonfiction books about landmarks in New York City. We are researching many landmarks and gathering facts to write a nonfiction book to share with our friends.

MathWe are currently learning about even and odd numbers. We are asking ourselves: can this group be broken up into equal teams or partners?

Teachers Tips 

  • This month we are celebrating our love for books. Discuss with your child which books he/she likes and why.
  • It’s important to continue to practice your math fast facts on a regular basis, especially over the February break.
  • We have been teaching our students about ways to prevent us from getting sick. Ask your child about how we wash our hands and how to dab when coughing or sneezing. :-)

    Important Dates

    • Thursday, February 8th: Parent Association Meeting at 6:00pm
    • Thursday, February 8th- Friday, February 9th: Scholastic Book Fair
    • Tuesday, February 13th: 100th Day of School
    • Friday, February 16- Friday, February 23rd: Lunar New Year and Midwinter Recess (No School)


    • Nonfiction
    • Fiction
    • Text Feature
    • Table of Contents
    • Glossary
    • Map
    • Photograph
    • Caption
    • Heading
    • Bold

    Contact Info

    408: Ms. Verde
    408: Mrs. Moskovitz
    409: Mrs. Strohm
    410: Ms. Navarro