Second Grade News: February 2019

2nd Grade Curriculum

Reading: We are now using nonfiction texts to explore both the author’s and reader’s purpose for reading and writing. Authors are experts in a specific topic and want to share their knowledge with others. We will be having an exciting visit from a nonfiction children’s author so he can share his expertise with us. He will also explain the writing process: how he gets his ideas, drafts and organizes his writing, revises, edits, and sends it to the publisher! We can’t wait!!

Writing and Social Studies: In writing, we will be practicing what we are learning and writing our own nonfiction books about landmarks in New York City. We are researching many landmarks and gathering facts to write a nonfiction book to share with our friends.

Math: We are currently learning about even and odd numbers. We are asking ourselves: can this group be broken up into equal teams or partners?

Science: We are studying the relationship between plants and animals. How do they work together to create our environment? 

Teachers Tips 

  • This month we are celebrating our love for books. Discuss with your child which books he/she likes and why.
  • It’s important to continue to practice your math fast facts on a regular basis, especially over the February break.
  • We have been teaching our students about ways to prevent us from getting sick. Ask your child about how we wash our hands and how to dab when coughing or sneezing. :-)

    Important Dates

    • Tuesday, February 5th: Lunar New Year (No School)
    • Friday, February 8th: Scholastic Book Fair & Parent Association Meeting at 5:15pm
    • Saturday, February 9th: Scholastic Book Fair 9:30am - 1:30pm
    • Thursday, February 14th: 100th Day of School
    • Monday, February 18th- Friday, February 22nd: Midwinter Recess (No School)
    • Tuesday, February 26th: Mr. Goldish Author Visit


    • Nonfiction
    • Fiction
    • Text Feature
    • Table of Contents
    • Glossary
    • Map
    • Photograph
    • Caption
    • Heading
    • Bold

    Contact Info

    303: Ms. Verde
    303: Mrs. Moskovitz
    304: Mrs. Strohm
    305: Ms. Navarro