Third Grade: April 2018

Dates to Remember

  • April 11, 12  ELA State Testing
  • April 14    Family and Community Health Fair
  • April 19 PA Meeting and Family Movie Night
  • April 19   Art and Healthy Living classes begin
  • May 1, 2  Math State Testing


Students will review word problems that involve missing numbers, multiplication and division fluency and algebraic expressions.  We will also revisit other topics such as fractions as we prepare for the NYS Math test on May 1st and 2nd.  

Social Studies

Each class will continue to study the culture of a different country.  Class 3-307 will study Egypt, Class 3-308 will study Peru and Class 3-309 will explore Nigeria.  Our focus is on the geography, people, food, culture and customs of these three unique countries. 

Supply Donations

Please try to send in boxes of tissues for our classes, with allergy season upon us we will surely need them!  Thank you. 

Reading & Writin

Students in all three classes will continue their study of The Role of Fresh Water Around The World.   An exciting culminating activity is planned for the grade as students will create public service announcements about the importance of fresh water or another topic of their choice. 

Art and Healthy Living

We are happy to announce that our school is partnering with Studio in the Schools program to bring Art and Healthy Living lessons to our students twice a week starting April 19th.  Students will receive a lesson from a nutrition teacher about the importance of fruits and vegetables.  Students will sample these foods then have an art lesson where they will get to draw, color and paint still life art of those same fruits!  

Saturday Academy Dates

April 14, 21, and 28

Students were able to pump dirty water and clean it using a hand held filter system!