Third Grade: January 2020

Dates to Remember               


No School  


School Back in Session  


College and Career Day 


Martin Luther King Day: No School 


Capulli Mexican Dance Company

Technology Connection

Websites that teach typing for free:

Dance Mat

Typing Band

Key Brick

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What We Are Learning


  • How to divide things into equal groups.

  • How to solve division equations by finding an unknown factor in a multiplication equation.

  • How to find the missing side of a rectangle with a known area and length of the other sides.

  • How to use multiplication facts to help divide.


Students will understand that...

  • folktales are stories that have been told for a long time and that teach values, customs, traditions, or explain the origins of people and things.   

  • Different cultures’ folktales have  similarities and differences.

Students will know…

  • That values are attitudes, morals, and beliefs.

  • That customs are traditions; cultural practices passed down from year to year. 

  • Folktales often feature static characters, talking animals, and stories about the creation of the world. 

Social Studies: Students begin exploring Mexico.  The following questions will guide their learning

  • What are the geographic features of Mexico and how do they affect its culture? 

  • Who are the people of Mexico? 

  • What are the cultural practices and traditions of Mexico? 

  • How do resources from the environment affect people’s daily lives?

Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Let’s work together to promote internet safety and remind students to:

  • Protect their private information including last names, home address and phone number

  • Only go to websites they have adult permission to be on 

  • Make kind choices with their friends