Third Grade: February 2018

Dates to Remember

  • Saturday Feb. 3 - Saturday Academy 
  • Monday Feb. 5 - Dance Workshop 
  • Thursday Feb. 8 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • Thursday Feb. 8 at 6 pm - Parent Association meeting
  • Friday Feb. 9 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • Saturday Feb. 10 - Saturday Academy
  • Feb. 16 - Feb. 23 - Mid Winter Vacation 


Students will revisit Fractions this month.  We will practice comparing fractions, putting fractions on a number line and work on word problems.  They will also be introduced to rounding and identifying patterns.  Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 will be taught.   


The current unit of study is energy.  So far the students have explored sound energy, learning about vibrations, waves, pitch and volume.  They will continue learning about other forms of energy then they will move on to simple machines

Social Studies

Students will continue their study of Mexico this month.  We will study the people, history, geography, culture and natural resources of Mexico.  We will compare and contrast life in Mexico to the lives of our students here at our school.  We encourage families to send in items they have brought back from Mexico or pictures of family trips to Mexico that will add to our study of this amazing culture.  

Reading & Writing

Students will continue to explore Folktales They will read, take notes on and answer text dependent questions about these stories.  Soon students will use what they have learned about Folktales to create their own Folktale.   Each student will come up with a story that teaches a lesson and explains something from nature.