Third Grade: November 2017

Dates to Remember

  • November 3: Culture Museum for Students
  • November 7: Election Day, No School
  • November 9: Parent Association & Safety Town Hall Meeting & Family Fitness Fun with Mr. Enden 5:45pm
  • November 15: Picture Day
  • November 16: Parent-Teacher Conferences DISMISSAL AT 11:30am
  • November 23. 24: Thanksgiving, No School


Students will continue their work in understanding fractions as they complete the “Sharing Brownies” unit.  They will discover ways to make a whole by adding fractions, comparing fractions and placing fractions on a number line.  Later in the month students will be introduced to multiplication and division arrays through the unit “Muffles Truffles”. 

Social Studies / Writing

Students shared their culture objects with classmates including this flag of Tibet.

After celebrating their culture study unit at our grade wide culture museum, students will begin to study the culture of India.  They will explore the geography, history, people and religions of India.  They will also examine how the people of India fought for change in response to important social issues.   


We are excited to begin our biography unit with third grade readers.  They will first define what biographies are, then read about influential historical figures throughout the unit.   Finally students will choose a person of interest to them to research and become during our Living Museum exhibit.  After doing their research in the biography unit each student will transform into the person they researched and present  what they learned at our celebration of learning.