Third Grade: April 2019

Dates to Remember

  • April 2nd and 3rd: ELA State Test
  • April 4th: ELA State Test Makeup Day for Absences
  • April 10th: 3-308 Field Trip Ridgewood Reservoir
  • April 12th 3-307 and 3-308 Field Trip Ridgewood Reservoir
  • April 12th: Family Game Night 5:15-7:00pm
  • April 19th-26th: No School Spring Recess
  • April 29th School back in session 
  • Reminder! Saturday Academy 9-11am
  • May 1st and 2nd Math State Test
  • Math Connection

Home Connection

Remember that daily reading is important, and fun!  Students can read a variety of genres for their reading logs including science fiction, historical fiction, poetry, non-fiction, biographies etc.  Reading multiple different genres will help students to practice their comprehension skills and to instill a love of reading. 

To contact us by email: 
Ms. Dobry
Ms. Estin
Mr. Poli

What We Are Learning

Mathematicians will explore graphs and multi-step problem solving.  They will learn how to:
  • collect and organize data in different ways
  • use bar graphs to represent data sets of multiple categories
  • use scaled picture graphs to represent data sets
  • use and create line plots to represent data sets
  • analyze and interpret information from graphs 
  • determine operations to solve two-step word problems
  • include a variable when they set up equations
  • check their work for accuracy and efficiency by asking themselves “does this make sense?”
Student continue to research about water and begin to write opinion pieces that include reasons and facts.  
Researchers will learn how to:
  • Find and record relevant details using their own words 
  • Read a variety of texts/choose texts based on their research questions
  • Ask questions to clarify while they’re learning
  • Keep track of words they don’t understand
Social Studies:  
Third graders continue to learn about culture around the world.  Students will be use the information they learn about Nigerien, Peruvian and Egyptian culture to create brochures that highlight food, interesting sights, landmarks, historical significance, geography, festivals and more!  Students will write paragraphs that include a topic sentence, detail sentences, a conclusion sentence and transition phrases.  They will also write introductions that grab the audience's attention.