Third Grade: February 2019

Dates to Remember

  • 2/5 No School
  • 2/9 Scholastic Book Fair  9:30am-1:30pm
  • 2/12 307 Field Trip 
  • 2/13 308 Field Trip
  • 2/15 309 Field Trip 
  • 2/18-2/22 No School Midwinter Recess

Math Connection

Fraction Strategies 
Number Line

What We Are Learning

  • Students will understand that fractions are parts of a whole.
  • Students will understand the numerator represents the number of equal parts in the fraction
  • Students will understand the denominator represents the number of equal parts that make up the whole

Students will create their own folktales that teach a lesson and include the elements of fiction including:
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Problem 
  • Solution 
They will include dialogue, action and descriptive language in their folktales 

Social Studies
Students continue exploring Mexico.  The following questions will guide their learning:
  • What are the geographic features of Mexico and how do they affect its culture? 
  • Who are the people of Mexico? 
  • What are the cultural practices and traditions of Mexico? 
  • How do resources from the environment affect people’s daily lives?

Home Connection

To contact us by email: 
Ms. Dobry
Ms. Estin
Mr. Poli