Third Grade: June 2018

Dates to Remember

  • June 4: Field Day
  • June 5: 307 and 309 trip to Ridgewood Reservoir
  • June 5: 308 trip to Public Library
  • June 6: Classical Indian Dance at 6:00 pm
  • June 7: School Closed
  • June 8:  308 trip to Ridgewood Reservoir
  • June 11:  School Closed
  • June 12: Third Grade trip to ETM Concert
  • June 13: Art and Healthy Living Exhibition
  • June 14: 308 trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • June 15: School Closed
  • June 18:  309 trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • June 19:  Celebration of Learning
  • June 21: 307 and 309 trip to Public Library
  • June 22: 307 trip to Brooklyn Grange
  • June 26: Last Day of School - HALF DAY


Our students will continue to learn how to measure with rulers, find perimeters of polygons, understand different shapes and fluently add and subtract up to 1,000 using many strategies.  Please encourage them to find uses for Math in everyday life such as adding up the cost of a purchase at a store, or finding out how much change they should get back when buying something. 

Social Studies

Each class will wrap up their units with culminating projects on their country of study.  This work will be on display for the students to learn from each other.   307 studied Egypt, 308 studied Peru and 309 studied Nigeria.  

Reading & Writing

Our students are reading Mystery Books in book clubs.  Book club members will read different editions of the same series.  They will identify the elements of Mystery books and make predictions using clues from the text. 

Art and Healthy Living

Our partnership with Studio in the School will wrap up this month with an Art Exhibition.  Every student will have a piece of art on display.  You will be impressed with the amazing artwork our students made as they learned about the importance of eating a variety of organic, locally grown, in season fruits and vegetables.

Students of class 308 makes Jollof rice from Nigeria.