B-412 Information

Welcome Back! October 2021

Hello B-412 Families! We are off to a great start this year! The students are really getting into routine, and showing us some pretty impressive skills!

Students have been working very hard in all areas. One of the highlights has been our “Friendsday Wednesday” time with Room B-411. Students from our class spend some time in Ms. Zeng’s kindergarten and first grade classroom to work on play and social skills with peers. Friends who would rather stay in the classroom with us also spend this time working on play and social skills using board games, building toys, navigating small projects like puzzles, etc. They love this time and are getting to practice some super important skills.  

What We're Learning


  • Phonics & Phonemic Awareness - letter sounds & word ladders
  • Guided Reading - decoding skills, reading comprehension and retell
  • Writing - handwriting, capitalization, punctuation


  • Addition & subtraction to 20
  • Missing numbers on number line
  • Skip counting
  • Calendar
  • Greater than and less than

Fun Stuff

  • Read The Pigeon Has To Go To School
  • Build a zip line to get the pigeon to school!