2nd Grade

What We Are Learning: January 2022

Reading- Readers will continue to focus on getting to know the characters in fiction books, specifically series books. They will practice reading skills and strategies such as making predictions before and during reading, identifying character’s traits, identifying and applying the lesson of the story and actively annotating their thinking during reading. 


Writing- Writers will continue to work on expanding and improving their sentences. They will also learn how to write an organized and structured paragraph about the books they are reading. 


Math- Mathematicians will solve different types of addition and subtraction number stories using efficient strategies. These include; put together/take apart with one or both addends unknown, add to and take from with result unknown, problems with an unknown change or an unknown start. Fluency with addition within 100 is a benchmark in this unit. 


Social  Studies- Students will study the history of New York City, including the development of the NYC subway system.