2nd Grade

What We Are Learning: June 2021

Reading- We are revisiting the genres we have learned about this year - fiction, realistic fiction, and non-fiction texts. We are discussing the features of each genre and continuing to ask meaningful questions and respond to our reading in writing. 

Writing- We are continuing to work on writing organized paragraphs with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence. Students are writing organized paragraphs to share their knowledge about what we are learning in Reading, Social Studies, and Science. 

Math- We are learning about subtraction and using our addition strategies to support our subtraction skills. Keep practicing at home so we can work our way up to 1,000.

Social Studies and Science- As we end the year, we are wrapping up our year-long study of New York City. We are reviewing all that we have learned about NYC’s special neighborhoods. We are also exploring how our city government works, including voting and how laws are made. In Science, we are finishing our unit on Amazing Animals and how they interact with their environments.