Kindergarten Information

What We Are Learning: March 2024


-Identify sight words

-Recall important details from books and discuss (beginning/middle/end)

-Make a book-to-self connection

-Draw conclusions/infer: what isn’t the author telling us that we can figure out on our own?


-Personal narratives (telling a story about ourselves in the right order)

-Stretching out sounds to write unfamiliar words;

-Write simple sentences with uppercase letter in the beginning, spaces between each word, and punctuation at the end


-Digraph sounds: sh, ch, th, wh and -ck

-Reading and writing “CCVC” (consonant digraph-vowel-consonant) or “CVCC” (consonant-vowel-digraph consonant) words 

e.g. cash, ship, thud, much, etc.

“tapping out” words to read, “stretching out” words to spell them


-Solving Addition number story problems

-Decomposing numbers (8+2=10, 1+9=10, 10+0=5, etc.)

-Oral counting to 100 by one and tens


-Weather & Seasons