Field Trips

Why Students Go on Field Trips
Field trips are an important addition to your child's learning. Every field trip is educational in nature and is connected to what children are learning in class. All grades go on at least 2 or 3 trips each year. All field trips take place during the school day. On a day when a field trip is scheduled, your child should come to school at the regular arrival time. Most trips return to school between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. Children are expected to remain in school until the regular end of the school day at 2:30pm.

Most field trips are paid for out of our school budget. As some trips can be quite expensive, we ask parents to make a small donation to the school for each trip. Every child will be permitted to go on a field trip, regardless of the family's ability to pay.

For most trips, we ask for parents to volunteer as chaperones. The number and selection of chaperones is entirely at the teacher's discretion. Chaperones must travel with the students, follow all teacher directions, and comply with such rules as not purchasing any food or gifts on any trip. Chaperones may not bring anyone (such as a younger sibling) with them on the trip. Parents who are not selected as chaperones may not attend the trip even if they travel separately.

If a child requires medicine in school such as an inhaler for asthma or Epi-pen and cannot self-administer the medicine, parents must either accompany the child on the trip or give permission for another parent to carry the medication with them while on the trip. Please see our school nurse for more details.