5th Grade

What We're Learning: June 2022

Reading: This month we are reading fantasy stories. Together we are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for our read aloud. Students are reading fantasy stories in their book clubs. They are noticing what craft elements make the story interesting and what genre elements make the story fantasy. They are continuing to read as authors by finding parts they like in the story and noticing how the author makes them interesting for the reader.

Writing: This month students are also writing fantasy stories. They’ll develop their characters considering different archetypes, include magical elements and create a quest for their hero. We’ll focus on how revising and editing our work make it stronger.

Math: This month we are learning about coordinate systems and the coordinate plane. Students are learning how to identify and plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. They will use these ideas to create an ideal city plan by plotting coordinates of municipal and commercial buildings on a map.