5th Grade

What We're Learning: March 2024

Reading: This month we will be focusing on reading strategies such as genre codes to help us understand and retain the information in a passage. We are working on demystifying the state test so it does not seem overwhelming or scary. Instead, we will focus on understanding why we take the test and its impact. 

Writing: This month we will continue to write literary essays. We will learn to design, write, and revise interpretive essays about short stories. We will learn to carefully to identify evidence that best supports a claim, support a thesis with a variety of evidence, and revise thesis statements that capture the themes of a story and that forecast ways their essays will support their theses. The unit ends by learning to transfer this learning to new circumstances, including those posed by state tests.

Math: This month we will focus on adding and subtracting decimals using an understanding of place value. We will also use this understanding of place value to round, compare, and order decimal numbers to the thousandths place.