5th Grade

What We're Learning: June 2023

Reading: This month, we're reading really cool stories about magic and made-up places. We're reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone out loud, and in our book clubs, we're reading other stories with magic too. We're looking at how the stories are written to make them interesting, and what parts of them make them magical. We're also learning how to be good writers ourselves by figuring out what we like in the story and how the author made it cool for us as readers.

Writing: This month, we're writing our own magical stories! We'll create characters with different personalities and give them magical powers. Then, we'll send them on exciting missions. We'll make our stories even better by checking them and making changes to make them stronger.


Math: This month, we're learning about a way to show where things are on a map using numbers. We're learning how to find specific places on a map by using ordered pairs of numbers. With this new skill, we'll make our own perfect city plan by putting different buildings in the right spots on the map, like schools and stores.