4th Grade

What We Are Learning: June 2023

MATH: In math class, we'll be learning about decimals and measuring things. We'll also be doing fun activities that help us understand math concepts better and get better at solving problems.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In social studies class, we'll be learning about immigration in a project called "Welcome to Sunnyside." We'll talk to people in our community who are immigrants and find information about resources that can help them. We'll put all the important information together in a document that can be read in different languages.

READING: In our reading class, we'll finish reading a book called "Home of the Brave" and talk more about immigration in our "Welcome to Sunnyside" project. We'll also take a test to check how good we are at reading by ourselves now that we've learned a lot this year.

WRITING: In our writing class, we'll be sharing stories we wrote that are like fairy tales, but with some changes. After that, we'll learn how to write persuasively and share information as part of our "Welcome to Sunnyside" project.

SUMMER HOMEWORK: Towards the end of the school year, families will get a packet with ideas for things to read, do, and learn over the summer. It's really important for kids to read things they enjoy and can talk to you about every day. That's the best way to keep getting better at reading and not forget what they learned in school during summer break.