4th Grade

What We Are Learning: April 2024

READING: 4th grade readers will be working on reading and annotating a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as answering text-dependent questions and explaining/defending their responses.

WRITING: Our budding writers will work on answering text-dependent questions in paragraph and essay form.

MATH: Young mathematicians will be working on measurement, including calculating area and perimeter. They will also work on showing their work clearly and test-taking strategies for math.

SOCIAL STUDIES: 4th grade historians will study colonial times and the causes of the American Revolution.

ART: This month 4th graders are finishing up their realistic still life drawings. Students are learning to use shape, size, overlapping and values to create a realistic looking object.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: 4th graders will be finishing the state mandated FitnessGram testing. Reports will be available on their schools account at the end of the year. Students will also begin practicing all soccer related skills such as dribbling with their feet, passing, kicking for power and accuracy. Additionally, they will be playing a variety of modified small sided soccer games.

TECHNOLOGY: Our tech-savvy 4th graders will be finishing up their unit about typing. Students will produce their own piece of writing typed in class.