4th Grade

What We Are Learning: June 2021


  • Students will understand the connection between fractions and decimals. They will learn how to write fractions as decimals and compare decimals.
  • Students will continue to solve word problems using previously taught skills and content.


  • Students will use various reading strategies and skills to understand and analyze fiction and nonfiction texts. They will respond to comprehension questions about the texts. 
  • This month, we will read books and articles about immigration, in connection with our social studies unit.


  • Students will pick their favorite genre of writing that they have learned in fourth grade and write a memoir, essay, or fractured fairytale.

Social Studies

  • Students will learn about the different waves of immigration in North America. 

Computer Science

  • Students will start a new unit on computer science and learn how to give directions to a computer and create code.


  • Students are working on reviewing previous content and skills such as measurement and reading charts and diagrams.