4th Grade

What We Are Learning: April 2022


  • Our students just finished Math testing.  We will begin to learn about decimals to the tenths and hundredths place value and how they relate to fractions. 


  • Students will read texts revolving around immigration. We will work on a unit in which students create projects to help new immigrants who have moved to Sunnyside recently. 


  • Fourth graders will finish their Fractured Fairy tales.  We will begin to write informational pieces to help new immigrants learn about Sunnyside.

Social Studies

  • We will study immigration in alignment to our reading unit. 


  • Students will prepare for the performance-based and written state science tests.


  • Students are completing their coding unit by connecting their knowledge of the American Revolution from Social Studies with their knowledge of coding. Each student will present a cause and effect of the American Revolution by coding an animation of the events.