At Children's Lab, children are engaged in hands-on learning that is designed to set all children on the path to college and career readiness. Teachers combine reading and writing lessons with interesting topics in science and social studies; children have the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned with projects that go beyond standardized testing. 

These include publishing parties, culminating science and social studies projects and demonstrations, art shows, and drama and music performances. For example, during the kindergarten bread unit, children not only learn about how bread is made and different types of bread from cultures throughout the world.

They also visit real bakeries and design and create their own bakery, baking bread and other goodies to share with their families and the entire school community.

Children are also supported in developing basic skills in reading, writing and math through both whole-class and small group lessons. Within our balanced literacy program, we use Wilson Fundations for phonics instruction. Our core math curriculum is TERC Investigations.

We nurture the whole child, including the development of social and emotional skills. Children's Lab is committed to a school-wide culture of responsibility and respect, using the Responsive Classroom model. Children gain confidence and independence by learning the why behind school rules and how to follow them successfully.

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