B-302 Information

Message from Mr. Grover, May 2023

Hello Parents,

We are getting closer to the end of the school year and I am so proud of the work the students have done.  Our class continues to impress me each day.  They are a strong unit.

This month we will be taking the NY State Math Test.  We have been preparing everyday in my classroom.  We also have some fun field trips coming up such as The Queen’s Zoo and Ellis Island.  I have seen tremendous improvement in each child’s reading ability and I look forward to assessing what level they have gotten to.    

What We're Learning

In English Language Arts class, we will read new words and stories, write about made-up stories, and compare things.

In Math, we will learn about fractions, which are parts of a whole thing. We will learn how to identify fractions that are the same, compare different fractions, and add and subtract fractions.

In Social Studies, we will learn about a time long ago when our country was first forming.

In Science, we will learn about how traits and characteristics are passed down from parents to children, and about how plants grow and change over time.


  • Lexia & ST Math: Students should be practicing their skills at home using the login information provided to them by their teacher.

  • Gym: We have Gym every Thursday please make sure your child has sneakers.

  • Send a Sweatshirt: In the springtime our classroom gets very cold due to air conditioner.

  • What We Can Use: Some families asked about what we need. B-302 would be grateful for:
    • Clorox wipes

    • Hand soap
    • Thank you! 

  • Important Dates

    • Memorial Day: May 29th - school closed

Contact Information