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Message from Mr. Grover, June 2022

Hello B-302 Families!! We are entering the final month of the school year.  We have worked so hard all year and finally summer break is weeks away.  We have four 5th graders graduating this year.  We wish them luck on their next journey.

This month we are beginning a new reading unit on fantasy books and identifying what makes a fantasy book.  In writing we have started writing persuasive paragraphs picking topics that we feel passionately about.  In math we continue understanding fractions and working our way into decimals.  Finally preparing for graduation.

What We're Learning

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Phonics & Phonemic Awareness - letter sounds & word ladders
  • Guided Reading - decoding skills, reading comprehension and retell
  • Writing - Persuasive paragraphs


  • Introduction to Fractions
  • Naming parts of a fraction
  • Identify equivalent fractions
  • Adding fractions

Social Studies and Science

  • Working on understanding how thoughts will influence your feelings and behaviors.
  • In Science students are learning about different kinds of animals and habitats.


  • Lexia: You can always log in to Lexia Core 5 for extra practice!
  • ST Math: You can always login to ST Math for extra practice!
  • Homework: Students should be reading every night and practicing their skills on Lexia and ST Math
  • What We Can Use: Some families asked what we need. B-302 can use:
    • Clorox wipes
    • Hand soap
  • Important Days:
    • Field Day @ CLS: 6/3
    • Last Day For Students: 6/27
      ☀️  🍉  🏖 ☀️  🍉  🏖 ☀️  🍉  🏖 
      Tuesday, 6/7, Thursday, 6/9, Monday, 6/20

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