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From Ms. Zeng! December 2022

Hello families! I can’t believe it, but we’re already in December! Thank you so much for all your support. It shows in the way the students are learning.

Our days are jam-packed with learning! We are almost finished learning the letter names and sounds. We are still focused on letter-sound relationships, identifying the first sounds in words as well as the letters that make those sounds. Some students are ready to start listening for the sounds in words to figure out new words.

Excellent job on the homework! Remember, the packets are due every Monday. 

What We're Learning

English Language Arts:This month we are reading nonfiction books about weather! Talk with your child about what it’s doing outside.


Math: We are learning about two-dimensional shapes. What are the names of the shapes? How many sides do they have?


Social Studies: We are learning about our families and what kinds of things we like to do together. 

Important Dates

  • December 26 - January 2: Winter Recess
  • December 22: Celebration of Learning!


  • Lexia: You can always log in to lexiacore5.com for extra practice!

  • ST Math: Use your child’s password to use ST math at home!

  • What can we use? It is cold and flu season! Please send in some Lysol wipes to help keep our classroom clean.

  • Attendance: Make sure your child comes to school every day on time :)

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